I haven't blogged for ages, but today I feel the need - we have just found out that my lovely mum has Alzheimer's, it is getting quite bad very quickly and really is frightening for all the family, especially my step-dad, they have just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, she is 83 but it comes as a shock at any age - we are all learning about this together - make sure you tell the important people in your life every day that you love them.

I love you mum x


  1. I really feel for you and your family. It's a very steep learning curve indeed and one that I wouldn't wish on anyone,having lost my dad in January. Looking back,we think he had Alzheimer's way before it was diagnosed. There were times when I felt absolutely helpless and times when it almost tore the family apart..
    Stay strong for each other! I will be thinking of you.xxx


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