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Peony has finally flowered !!:)

I have been patiently waiting for my red peony to flower and today it is in full bloom with 2 more heads waiting to open, must be all the sun !!

Also a picy of 'Daisy' enjoying the sun and my bargain cyclamen which are in fact fake (sshhh!)

Hope everyone is enjoying the sun :)

May birthday and finally hot weather !!

Was my (trying to forget them now!) birthday yesterday and I thought I would post some of the lovely flowers I received from my loved ones - Had a lovely pressie and chocolate cake with friends at work, and had a really fab day :)

Life at the moment is really good and am so hapyy with family,work and friends. And we had a quiz night at work and we came 2nd out of 17 teams, my only shame is that on the picture sheet of questions there were 20 pics of chocolate and I knew them all, even ones without wrappers lol !!!.

10 things about me -

1. i'm only 4ft 9inchs tall (say aahhhh)
2. I love my job
3. My cat is very spoilt
4. I love moving house
5. I love chocolate
6. I have obssessive com. disorder for cleaning !
7. I dont have any brothers or sisters (say aaahhh again!)
8. To my shame I drive a Nissan Micra :(
9. I talk all the time
10. I have tea towels that arent allowed to be used.

5 things i hate -

1. people that lie
2. Moths (snap mrs p!)
3. Eggs
4. people coming to the door to…

Away to the Cotswolds !!

We have just come back from a lovely weekend in the Cotswolds, apart from it feeling like February !!. Main reason was to visit Cath Kidston in Bicester, I bought a new bag, tea towels and cushions covers (both of which are my main buying habit, but hey can think of worse things to be addicted too !), photo's added. It really is a very pretty part of the country, but living in Devon makes you very spoilt (hubby would say i am spoilt anyway!!). Well back to the chores of washing etc.....

new teatowels, lovely !!! New bag

new white company cushions, bliss !!