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New house photos

Well we are slowly settling into our brand new house, very strange for us as usually we are knocking down walls and rebuilding !!. The site is only 12 houses and will never be made bigger, we have a lovely view of hills and fields from our back windows. But the idea was to have a few years off and have big hols etc instead, we are hoping to explore New England, USA next year.

Added a few pics although the camera is really a bit old now, must get a newer one. We are going to separate the open plan layout in the new year as we cant get used to it, if someone makes a cuppa in the middle of Doc Martin its very annoying !!.

We also went to Grand Designs live, so I have added a pic of the lovely Kevin McLeod and also a trip to Herefordshire and in the high street was an old vehicle, hubby was very impressed.

We will one day go back to an old cottage, there is nothing like them for character and feeling, but oh well for now i must enjoy this house.