New beginings - 1st post for a long time

just caught up with blogger again after years of not adding anything, my daughter has her baby scan tomorrow. Yes grandparents, cant believe it really, im still 21 in my head(body says otherwise!) really very excited but containing it as its early days, off to scotland with them on saturday,my escape place, cant wait to see the scenery again x
Merry Christmas to you all - even if your loved ones are miles away - looking forward to a better 2014 xx

I haven't blogged for ages, but today I feel the need - we have just found out that my lovely mum has Alzheimer's, it is getting quite bad very quickly and really is frightening for all the family, especially my step-dad, they have just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary, she is 83 but it comes as a shock at any age - we are all learning about this together - make sure you tell the important people in your life every day that you love them.

I love you mum x

happy mothers day for sunday


My daughter is loving Australia, she is in perth and renting a house, we are hoping to visit later in the year, cant wait, i will miss her on mothers day, but a card arrived today, kids dont you just love them !!!


New adventure

My lovely daugther - i love her to bits and will miss her terribly - she has met a lovely new man and they are off to Perth, Australia to start a new life, he has lived there for 9 years, she has handed in her notice and is off the end of January - I wish her all the luck and love in the world.


Christmas at last

Finally Christmas is here, will be enjoying the break this year, its been a long year. Looking forward to 2013 and a visit to Scotland planned and tickets to see Mrs Browns boys live, really enjoyed our firms do this year, at Saunton Sands, Braunton as every year, we missed the flooding by hours, thoughts go out to anyone in the country who may have been flooded, may next year be better for you.