Haven't blogged for a long time, we have been very busy, but thought i would add a few new pics, the main one at the top of the page is of us all in front of our lovely church, some sadness this week as my 16 year old son finishes school and heads off to college in September, my baby no more !!.

My daughter Rebecca is coming home for 6 months, after renting on her own, and not being home since she was 17, its going to be interesting !!, she wants to travel, so good old parents said 'come home and save your pennies' (secretly looking forward to female company in the house).

We had a gorgeous week in Corfu in may at this hotel http://grand-mediterraneo.com/eng/corfu-hotel.htm, it was lovely and relaxing and no children allowed !!. We are off to the Canary Islands in Septemeber cant wait, the benefits of downsizing and buying a new house with no DIY (am getting bored though !). Went to a lovely friends wedding, the evening do was great, village hall with a great singer and the evening was so warm with a lovely sunset, fab to be in England on days like that.

Not really put up any decorations for the Jubilee, we are off to Stratford for the night on Monday and hoping the hotel is good.

                                                      The bride and groom

                                      Newly papered loo - hard to feel sad in here !!


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