Our village on a grey day !!

Havent found the time to blog for ages, family life and work seem to get in the way !! We decided to go for a walk around our Village this afternoon, I have taken a few pics but the day was very grey, I think it will be interesting to see what the same shots look like as the seasons change.

We have been lucky in North Devon, not had hardly any snow, but will be pleased to see spring, wont be long now and we are off to Corfu in may so really looking forward to that !!.

This is a new area made by our church with mazzard trees and benches with a little stream, it will be lovely in the spring !

this is 'Honeysuckle Cottage' near our church, lovely, on my wish list !


  1. Pretty village!Ooh Honeysuckle Cottage looks lovely too..
    Keep Warm and cosy.


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