Making the most of the Sun !

t's really been lovely here today, I love this time of year, just as autumn is approaching, cooler nights and lovely days, before the mad rush of xmas starts. We went for a little walk around the lanes of our village and over the fields with apple trees and sheep, 2 of the sheep actually posed for us !! Last week hubby had friday off work and we went to some very pretty Somerset villages and took our flask with us !! (I know getting old, my kids think it's very funny)  :(

Just finished decorating sons bedroom, in red white and blue, with the union jack rug and red curtains with navy blue & whites walls, just need to pop into ikea for big pictures for the walls. Well, back to work and school now as the new term starts :)

Any suggestions for a caption !

Trees just starting to turn

Somerset again, perfect !

South Petherton, Somerset - Lovely !!
The union jack teenage bedroom !


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