Away to the Cotswolds !!

We have just come back from a lovely weekend in the Cotswolds, apart from it feeling like February !!. Main reason was to visit Cath Kidston in Bicester, I bought a new bag, tea towels and cushions covers (both of which are my main buying habit, but hey can think of worse things to be addicted too !), photo's added. It really is a very pretty part of the country, but living in Devon makes you very spoilt (hubby would say i am spoilt anyway!!). Well back to the chores of washing etc.....

new teatowels, lovely !!!
New bag

new white company cushions, bliss !!


  1. Oh lucky you- I would loved to be whisked away to the cotswolds for a weekend. A woman after my own heart Cath Kidston, The White Co, tea towels and cushion covers- I can't fault you! And you are not spoilt- you are cherished, loved and adored- that is what I keep telling my best friend that I am anyway =O)

  2. Pop over you have an award Jx


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