Ikea Rosali

Yesterday we drove all the way to Cardiff from North Devon just to buy Ikeas Rosali duvet cover, none in Bristol :( My husband is very kind isnt he !!!


  1. Im so glad its not just me, I dont know any of my family and friends who are like it, they all think there must be a bit of a gipsy in me lol!!
    What a great hubby you have, I live in Cardiff you could of popped in for a cuppa!!
    Love the pics of your hoem it looks gorgeous!
    Claire x

  2. Thanks for the offer !! your blog is great, its very addictive this blogging - our cat is very pretty but can be deadly!, she curls up with hubby on the sofa every nite, i dont get a look in, she sinks her teeth in if you do something she doesnt like !! just plain spoilt i'd say - we are having such lovely weather at the mo, shame to be in the office, but work must be done !!
    best wishes,



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